Ph.D. students, UMich School of Information

& also
Efrén Cruz Cortés, MIDAS data science postdoctoral fellow
Irena Chen, UMich Ph.D. candidate in Biostatistics
Jamie Fogel, UMich Ph.D. candidate in Economics
Bernardo Modenesi, UMich Ph.D. candidate in Economics

Working with me:

Candidates interested in pursuing a PhD should apply and be admitted to the UMSI PhD program (deadline: Dec 1). If you are a University of Michigan student and are interested in doing research with me, you are welcome to email me and include your interests, major, degree, and resume/CV.

Potential postdocs: I am a faculty mentor through the MIDAS Data Science Fellows program

I was on the job market 2018-19. My job market materials are available here: Research, Teaching, Diversity statement  

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